All Things Easter
Easter is on the way, so I'm getting things prepped. You know, like where did those Easter baskets end up last year? I know where the grass ended up. I went for a jaunt in my basement earlier today (I ran out of sugar) and found blue Easter grass strewn from kingdom come. That's what happens when you tell the kids to just go somewhere - anywhere! Incidentally, I also found my potting soil spilled down there, like maybe it would help the grass grow? Who knows. Then there were the socks stacked neatly behind my buckets of wheat...I'm pretty sure it wasn't the leprechauns, but that's another story.

So Easter is coming sooner than I want to admit. Apparently I have a lot of cleaning to do between now and then, but what's really on my mind is the food. What are we going to eat? I know there are white shoes to buy and outfits to coordinate, but seriously, if you haven't bought that stuff already you might as well try the thrift store because no self-respecting store is going to stock that sort of thing this "late" in the season. Get shopping for your Halloween costume. Easter's done as far as the clothes industry is concerned. Ever try to find a swimsuit in July? I rest my case.

In a more productive vein, Ashley and I have been putting our heads together for some super meat and potato type meals that will leave your company speechless. We'll have potatoes three ways, my deviled eggs, and some fabulous carrot cake and rolls coming your way in the weeks ahead, so check back and we'll keep rolling out the recipes.


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