Taste of Italy 5-23-2011
I hope everyone is ready for a taste of Italy because Ashley will be living there soon!  To celebrate her family's visa acceptance, we've got three Italian mainstays this week:  we're talking crusty  garlic bread, Ceasar, and Balsamic Salad.  (read more)
Kid's Lunch 5-16-2011
My kids are picky eaters.  Hamburger and green beans are fine, but not touching each other.  Carrots are okay too, but cooked?  Gross!  Between Ashley and I, we are talking 7 different picky little taste buds.  Add in a few neighbor kids, and you have a major whine meltdown lurking in your kitchen. (read more)
 Potatoes Three Ways   4-13-11
It's potato week!  Easter dinner wouldn't be complete without the right spuds, so Ashley and I collaborated on some potato recipes to brighten up your table this month.  For the practical type, we've got the dish on a perfectly fluffy mash... (read more)
All Things Easter  4-6-11
Easter is on the way, so I'm getting things prepped. You know, like where did those Easter baskets end up last year? I know where the grass ended up. I went for a jaunt in my basement earlier today (I ran out of sugar) and found blue... (read more)

Muffins 2-15-11
This week we are very excited to unveil the Blueberry Muffin and its delectable muffin entourage! There is a muffin for everyone in this tasty bunch, from banana to apple-bran, and once you've mastered one kind, you're in the know....(read more)


Pan Searing is Fun 3-2-10
This method of cooking meat is so versatile that I thought it was worth exploring in greater depth.  If you are not into lengthy explanations of simple things, skip right to the recipes. (read more)


Fresh from the Freezer 11-7-09
We live in the age of convenience food, where everything is available all the time.  Eating strawberries in January, however, is possible but pricey.  Those bell peppers that where 5 for a dollar the other day, will go...(read more)

Herbology 101 6-30-09
Fresh herbs are an easy way to make the same old thing exciting again.  The flavor trade off when you use dry herbs is like substituting powdered cheese for the real thing: it’s just not the same... (read more)

The Bread War 5-4-09
Take it from a ten-year veteran of the bread war.  It's possible.  You can do it, and once you learn, it really is quite easy.  There are always people who will casually say, "I don't know-I just throw it in the oven and it rises every time...(read more)

C is for Cookie 4-23-09
Making chocolate chip cookies with your kids is, I believe, the pinnacle of mom-hood. The ingredients are readily on hand, and any rainy afternoon you're sure to have some butter, sugar... (read more)

About Us 4-20-09
I cannot think of anything fun that isn't connected with food.   It binds people in a way that educated banter and expensive entertainment never can, simply because it's universal...(read more)

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