I cannot think of anything fun that isn't connected with food.   It binds people in a way that educated banter and expensive entertainment never can, simply because it's universal.  We all gotta eat, whether it's beans and franks or almond crusted tilapia, and, happily, we get lots of practice: three squares and, if you're me, five snacks each and every day.

After all these years of eating, I'm determined to make my time count.  I want the real thing, and I'm tired of settling for food impersonators like fast food chains and grocery store cookie wanna be's.  I want the best, and, let's be honest, if it isn't coming out of our own kitchens, it's not easy to find.  

I'm fascinated with creating moments through food.  It's more than just impressing in-laws with an apropos Sunday dinner or pulling off the holiday event of the century.  It's about the daily choices we make to eat something exciting or to pull a burrito out of the freezer, and that is why I blog.  Think of it as digestive catharsis. 

For Ashley, the mastermind behind our recipe index, it's a perfection thing.  Just take a moment to look through some of her pictures and you will understand.  They look like they came from that high end bakery I ate at once when I thought I had disposable income.  I'd like to tell you that it's just an Ashley thing, but then you wouldn't try it yourself.  All I can say is, if she can teach me how to bake, she can teach anyone, and that means you.

We created this site when a friend showed us a vision of chocolate chip cookie perfection, and that passion for getting it just right has grown into a comprehensive search for the perfect recipe for every moment in life.  Why does a cookie have to be bready and chewy?  Why can't it be crispy on the outside and warm and gooey in the middle just like the ones from the mall?  The question you might ask yourself is, why can't mine be perfect too?  And once you've conquered the cookie, why not artisan bread and lasagna?  You can do it.  We'll show you how. 

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