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 In the summertime, a little direction goes a long way with kids.  I can either sit and listen to them complain about boredom all afternoon, or spend about ten minutes getting out the sprinkler.  I'm two hours into a book before they notice I'm gone.  Okay, so I'm really knee deep in Comet, but this is my imaginative rant here.  Let's just say I'm painting my nails.  Alright, now we can continue.




Now that we've officially kicked off the summer, Ashley and I wanted to post some of our time-tested boredom busters.  Rice glitter is a great craft that's quick and inexpensive.  I've used it to make glitter pictures, added in a few measuring cups and spoons for "sand" play, and even hidden small beads or candy in it for treasure hunting.  I would recommend taking this adventure outside for easier cleanup... 




After we got over the initial excitement about the glitter, Ashley thought of dying pasta in the same manner to create beads.  I'm sure you could glue those on some construction paper too, and make something fun.  Plus, the bigger hole is easier for little hands to string.  Don't spend all morning googling crafts where you end up "helping" aka "doing it all yourself".  Let your little ones make it up.  It's more fun that way anyway and more brain building.  Life Lesson here:  No one is going to do it for you, kids!  It might not look as great on the fridge, but swallow your pride, and take a step back. 


And for those of you who can't help your overbearing selves, make it a party!  This week we organized a field day for some neighborhood kids.  We played parachute games, raced around in sacks, and tossed some bean bags.  Arts and crafts in the park, backyard ball... these are the kinds of memories I'll treasure forever--  long after my kids have moved on in their fast paced little worlds.


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