Christmas Breakfast


  My husband loves to heckle our kids on Christmas morning, taking an extra long time brushing his teeth and finding the camera.  (He learned this behavior from his father during many a Christmas Past.) After a lot of fuss, he still makes them wait at the top of the stairs another few minutes to try their patience while he goes down and scouts the goods.  They get so mad, which he finds hilarious.  Me, on the otherhand, I like the smell of cinnamon rolls baking on Christmas morning and the sense of expectancy that creates, especially when my kids are knee deep in wrap and liable to forget all about the real world and the eating and sleeping that go along with it.  

 It's kind of like tantrum insurance. 


And while my kids are happily inhaling cream cheese frosting and gooey bread, I'm not out of tricks yet.  I still have hot chocolate to warm up, made with just enough dark chocolate to perfectly complement the sweetness of the rolls.  With my mug in one hand and a half eaten cinnamon roll in the other, this is my favorite christmas moment.  


Hot Chocolate Eggs Fresh Fruit    


Up to 4 months in advance
make and freeze the cinnamon rolls (not baked)

The day before
cinnamon rolls- make and refrigerate the frosting
place the frozen dough in a baking pan, cover, and refrigerate overnight
hot chocolate- measure the ingredients
eggs- chop the peppers and onion for the eggs

1-2 hours before eating
cinnamon rolls- remove pan from refrigerator and set in a warm area to rise

20 minutes before eating
cinnamon rolls- bake at 350 18-20 minutes, frost while hot
hot chocolate- make and keep warm
eggs- make and keep warm
fresh fruit- rinse and arrange on a platter

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