The Perfect Cookie Party


I'm always looking for a reason to throw a party because I'm addicted to those party magazines that come in the mail.  I sometimes buy cute invitations "just in case" I might want to use them someday.  Maybe it's my inner-child looking for a way to get into the action. 


I've participated in neighborhood cookie exchanges where you make an ungodly amount of cookies and come home with a sheaf of recipe papers flying all over your car.  Then you have to figure out how to make all those cookies taste like your neighbor's.  I'm already getting a headache, so let's move on to the good news:

If you can make our Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie, you can make any of these variations!


The idea is that all the cookies need the same basic ratios of fat and sugar.  It's the mix-ins that change the cookie dynamics.  So a lemon cookie and a chocolate cookie aren't all that different really.  Now you have a great reason to celebrate-maybe even buy some uber cool invitations from the party store!  A party for cookies... Now there is an idea I can really get behind.

All of our cookie dough freezes very well, so you can take your time making the variations and then bake them up when it's party time.  We had our cookie party with Candy jars but anything goes for this easy going playful party idea.


Peanut Butter
Lemon Cookie Oatmeal Raisin Cookie M&M Cookie The Perfect
Chocolate Chip Cookie
  White Chocolate Craisin Milk Chocolate Toffee White Chocolate Macadamia      

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