Birthday Cakes!

My kids often remember past birthdays by what kind of cake they had.  With so many ideas and pictures online and in books the possibilities are endless. 

I don't claim to really know what I'm doing when it comes to decorating, so I don't include step by step instructions.  I'm more particular about the taste.  Look in the dessert section for great cake recipes and tips.  Decorating for me is just for fun.

Cakes are very time consuming, so plan ahead.  I like to make the frosting the day before as well as measure the ingredients for the cake, and prep any decorations I'll be using.  Then the focus can be on the birthday boy or girl and not on the enormous mess that comes from making a cake.

Check back periodically for new cakes in the kid's section.

Frog Cake Butterfly & Catterpillar Cupcakes Bug Cupcakes

Monster Cupcakes Snake Cakes Bathtub Cake

Dinosaur Cake Train Cake Beehive Cupcakes

Artist Pallet Cupcakes Treasure Box Cake  

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