Easter Dinner
The Easter tradition is one of my Family Favorites, mostly because I love a good scavenger hunt and eggs make the best hidey-holes!  You can put anything in those little plastic eggs, and I swear it's more exciting than Christmas.  (I'm easily amused.)  We've put together some dishes to complete a great Easter meal and a Menu Planner to keep you out with the hunters instead of stationed behind the kitchen counter.  You can substitute ham for our Grilled Lamb to save time as well, and some alternate suggestions are at the bottom of the page.  It's going to be a beautiful spring day, so enjoy!

  Deviled Eggs Grilled Lamb Bundt Pan Rolls   Carrot Cake  BerryBalsamic Salad

Choice of
  Au Gratin


Menu Planner
Step-by-step instuctions to make this meal:

Day before
Cake- Make the cake.  The decorating is time consuming, so making ahead will save you stress.  Regridgerate the cake because of the cream cheese frosting, but it will retain the moistness very well for several days. 
Rolls- Make the dough and refrigerate before the first rise.  It will rise slowly in the refrigerator for about 8 hours.  It then maintains the rise for another 4-8 hours.
Salad- Make the walnuts and the drizzle

Morning of
Deviled Eggs- Boil, peel, slice and prepare fillingCold eggs don't peel as well, but you can refridgerate the prepared eggs all morning as long as they are covered.
Shape, cover and refrigerate
Potatoes- Mash and AuGratin Scrub, slice or cut, cover in cold water until ready to use.  (For Alfredo, see one to two hours before)
Lamb- Prepare marinade
Salad- Rinse and dry greens
Set Table- you won't regret this step!

Three hours before
Rolls- Remove bundt pan rolls from the refrigerator and rise
Lamb- Marinate meat

One to two hours before
Potatoes-Prepare 1 hour prior to eating.  Alfredo chop potatoes, toss in oil and bake.
Lamb- Light grill and grill 45 minutes to 1 hour prior to eating

Right before
Eggs- Fill deviled eggs
Finish potatoes
Rolls- Bake rolls
Lamb- Remove from grill and let rest 15 minutes prior to slicing
Salad- Toss the salad
Cake- Set out to bring to room temperature

  Elegant Fruit
Crescent Rolls Round Rolls     Brownies     

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