Christmas Cookie Dough Gift

  At Christmas I'm a sugar glutton, but by mid January, there isn't a trace of sugar left anywhere (because I ate it all)!  This Christmas gift solves the problem.  The cookie dough is frozen and packaged like a piece of candy, so friends can bake up the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie later when they finally hit a sugar low, and the dough is good for up to three months, so if it takes that long, so be it.  And as long as you're freezing up dough, you can easily make all the Perfect varieties and make it a cookie sampler.  There's peanut butter, white chocolate macadamia, M&M... it won't last three months in anyone's freezer, trust me.


Prepare cookie dough.  I made an assortment of cookies, so each gift included some peanut butter, chocolate chip, M&M etc.  Freeze the dough on cookie sheets overnight. Gather festive tissue paper, two kinds of matching ribbons, and gift tags.  I bought all of this at Hobby Lobby.  When the dough is frozen, wrap it in plastic wrap in a line.

Cover with foil, pressing tightly.  (The foil will make sure the package is sturdy and holds a shape when picked up.) Roll it all up in tissue paper and tape closed along the bottom seam. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to tie off an end.

Use that piece to cut all four pieces the same length.  You will need two of each pattern. Tie the tag into the first ribbon.
Include baking instructions on the tag:  Bake at 375 for 10 min.  Do not thaw before baking!
Tie the alternating pattern on top and repeat on the other side.

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