Cilantro either seems to be loved or hated.  If you aren't accustomed to it, the taste is a little strange, but when it's prepared and paired with the right ingredients you will come to love it.

Health Benefits
lowers bad cholesterol
 raises good cholesterol
protects against urinary tract infections
protects against salmonella poisoning
relieves intestinal gas
prevents nausea
 lowers blood sugar
helps remove toxins from the body
Season- available year round
Size- sold in bunches
Selecting- choose bunches with bright green, fragrant leaves
- remove metal twist tie, it will discolor and spoil it
- best used within 2 days of purchasing

Longer Refrigeration- place stems in a cup of water, cover the top with plastic wrap, good up to five days
Freezing and Drying- I don't recommend freezing or drying it.  It easily looses its flavor.

At the base of the bunch, cut off the stems.  Place cilantro in a salad spinner or bowl filled with water.  Gently swish to remove dirt and debris.  Spin or pat dry. Chop and use as desired.


Cilantro is often sold in bunches bound by a metal twist tie.  Remove this before storing it.  The metal discolors and spoils it.

It's best to place it in a bowl of water to rinse it.  Rinsing it under running water can bruise the leaves.

It is best to dry the leaves before chopping them.  They will be crisper and taste better.

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