Texas Chili

I was born in Texas, but I’m no Texan.  I only lived under the Lone Star for about six years of my young life and that doesn’t exactly give me citizenship all these years later.  I do, however, like to think that I retained some extra sense for Chili.  Let’s face it: there are as many ways to make Chili as people under the sun, and choosing the right recipe can be complicated.  Should you add cocoa powder, and call it your secret ingredient recipe?  What about a BBQ version or one with scary hot peppers you have to buy at the Mexican supermarket? 

Well the recipe I’ve created may not have flair at first glance: there’s no three-bean or three-alarm element to it, but it just tastes good.  Really good.  If you must have flair, I guess you could substitute venison, but Bambi is on your conscience, not mine.  I don’t like to mess with the best- or Texans for that matter.

P.S.  This is absolutely not a recipe where you can leave anything out.

Assemble your ingredients. 
Tobasco adds a great
vinegar taste that is
important.  Worcestershire
has several complex flavors.
The spices are pretty important
too.  Don't leave out the
steak seasoning!  It brings
a lot of flavor.  The chili powder
i've listed is for a mild heat.  Add
more if you want more punch.
Fresh garlic makes this Chili taste
fresh.  Powdered garlic is OK,
but it will change the flavor
quite a bit.

Brown your hamburger with salt
and pepper.  Add 2 C water.
I don't drain my beans.  It
honestly makes the chili taste
better.  Be aware that rinsing your
beans makes them easier to
digest, so I guess it depends on
where you plan to eat this...
Simmer for an hour on low. 
This givesthe dried spices a
chance to create that rich
flavor that you want in a chili. 
If you skip the simmer, you
might as wellskip the

I like to serve Chili with
cornbread, sour cream, green
onions, and cheddar cheese!

Texas Chili  (serves 6)

2 lb. Kidney beans, do not drain
2 lb. diced tomatoes
1 lb. ground beef, cooked
½ -1 onion
1 bell pepper
2 clove garlic
1 t chili powder
½ t Tabasco sauce (reduce a little if you don’t want heat)
1 t cumin
salt to taste
2 C water
1/2 -1 t sugar
2 t Worcestershire sauce
2 t grill seasoning (such as Montreal Steak by McCormick)

Simmer with a lid for 1 hour on low. 

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