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My kids are picky eaters.  Hamburger and green beans are fine, but not touching each other.  Carrots are okay too, but cooked?  Gross!  Between Ashley and I, we are talking 7 different picky little taste buds.  Add in a few neighbor kids, and you have a major whine meltdown lurking in your kitchen.  Yes, frozen pizza, chicken nuggets and the odd mac and cheese from a box will do the trick, but what's really in that stuff?  Think, Sugar, Fat, and Salt,  the quick-food industry's standby.


Ashley, our resident nutritionist and healthy living guru, has compiled a list of lunch food ideas that don't involve the freezer section at Costco.  They're quick too, and will satisfy any number of picky kids on the go.  


Step 1: stock up on

  • bulk nuts

  • cheeses and meats

  • dried fruit

  • and a sturdy water bottle

Step 2:  Pair with wheat bread and fresh fruits and vegetables. Kids get variety and a nutritious lunch.  Not to mention, it's packed with fiber, protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. 


Step 3: Relax because all of these things are portable and easy to store and clean up.


Once you've served up this square meal, you can even feel good about throwing in that treat.  (Read on for the full list of ideas under Occasions.)


Full lunch listing under Occasions  



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