Lemony Shower Brunch

I love the possibility a bunch oflemons presents, like when you decide to splurge and buy the whole bag instead of just one or two. Some people might impulsively spend $7 on a big bag of M&M's, but not me. I get a buyer's high off lemons. It's like holding summer right in your hand... even when it's raining on Memorial Day.

What will I make with all those lemons, I'll ask myself? Maybe I'll make some Chicken Curry tonight. Tomorrow I could make Lemon Pudding Cakes or simply a tall pitcher of  lemonade. 



Last weekend I bought a bag of lemons for a baby shower that Ashley and I catered. Best.  Shower.  Ever.  There was tart lemon mixed with a generous dose of sugar in the Lemon Pudding Cakes and Frozen Lemonade.  Add in some Chocolate Strawberry Croissants, a fabulous Quiche, and a  Very Strawberry Salad to round it all off.  I wanted to keep eating forever, but I got full.  I hate that!


This meal was great for a baby shower but has all the elements for a great brunch of any kind. All the finer points and grocery lists are in our occassions section, along with more pictures of the food, of course!


Everything in this meal is great, but I especially recommend the Frozen Lemonade.  Maybe I'll make some tonight and make a toast to the missing sunshine.


  Chocolate Strawberry
Pudding Cakes
Bacon Spinach
Strawberry Salad

Prep Schedule and Grocery List
1 Day BeforeFrozen Lemonade: Mix the Lemonade base. Refrigerate.
                           Chocolate Croissant: Make straweberry cream cheese.  Refrigerate.
                           Quiche: Make your quiche crust and form it in the pan.  Refrigerate.
                           Frozen Lemonade:  Make sure your ice-cream bowl is in the freezer for 12 hours.

Morning of:    Chocolate Croissant and Salad: Slice Strawberries for both dishes.  Cut croissants in half.  Cut, wash     '
                                and dry lettuce.  Blend the salad dressing and refrigerate.
                          Lemon Pudding Cakes:  Prepare cakes and set aside at room temperature.  They will be fine for a few
                                hours and allow you to clean up your dishes in plenty of time, since this is the messiest dish to
                          Quiche:  Cook and crumble bacon.  Blend the eggs, milk, and spices, and refrigerate until you are  
                                ready to bake it.
1 Hour Before: Quiche:  Assemble and bake quiche.  It needs to bake and rest for about an hour, so you may want to
                                have it out of the oven 15 minutes after your party starts.  That will keep it hot and allow for people
                                to come late.
                          Chocolate Croissant:  Assemble sandwiches
Toss salad with strawberries, nuts, and feta.  Wait until immediately before eating to add the 
                                salad dressing.
                          Frozen Lemonade:  Set up the ice cream maker and pour lemonade base into the bowl.  Store the f   
                                finished lemonade in the freezer for up to an hour before serving.  If you store it too long, it will  
                                become too solid.

Grocery List (serves 10)
5 Croissants
Strawberry Jam
8 oz Cream Cheese
2 lb. Strawberries
1 head Romaine
8 oz feta
1 bag pecans
green onion/ or red onion
powdered mustard
poppy seeds
apple cider vinegar
citric acid
lemon extract
10 eggs
11 oz plain yogurt
lemon juice
4 lemons
12 oz evaporated milk
1 C cheddar cheese
2 C fresh spinach
unsalted butter

other lemony
  Chicken Curry Brazillian
Key Lime Pie Citrus
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