Tea Party Luncheon

If there is one thing I really excel at with my kids, it's throwing tea parties: often.  I guess I have a deep rooted love of little cups and plates, not to mention tiaras.  There is something really therapeutic about eating bite sized food and pouring apple juice out of a spout


Ashley and I have put together the entire shin dig for you, from cake

to Strawberry Sandwiches, and all the party planning details along the way.


Now the very first object of a child's tea party is setting the mood.   Feather Boas, rings, tiaras,

a little magic glitter sprinkled into her hair, and there you have one princess ready to party.  Personally, I feel that even an informal backyard tea party needs glitter, but that's just my opinion.

Next comes the sit down heart-to-heart with your guests about what I like to call "Princess Manners".  You know, how to say "please pass the sandwiches," or "excuse me, may I have some more tea?"  It's really amazing to watch how seriously they take these commands once that magic glitter is in the picture.

Once the Princesses are dressed and de-briefed, let them take charge.  Help your little hostess  start by pouring everyone some juice and passing around the first tray of food, but after that, it's best to stay out of the way. 

Any kind of small finger foods will work, but here are some ideas to get you started.  I've also included a nice adult version of the strawberry sandwiches for any bystanders with more sophisticated taste!                           

Read on for the Menu and the Meal Planner for Tea Party Luncheon

Finger Sandwich
White Cake
with Raspberries
Apple Juice
for the tea set
Crackers with
Fresh Fruit  

Menu Planner
Step-by-step instructions to make this meal

Two Weeks Before:
Order Accessories: Feather boas, Rings, Tiaras, Glitter, and a Tea set.  Most of these items can be purchased at a      
                               party store or online at OrientalTrading.com
One Week Before: Send the invitations

One Day Before: Make White Cake with Raspberries
                              Slice bread
                              Mix the cream cheese and strawberry jam

2-3 Hours Before: Set the table!
Organize the accessories in a basket you can carry around while you pass them out
Bring cake to room temperature
                               Pour the apple juice into a pitcher
                               Prepare a fruit tray

1 Hour Before      Make strawberry sandwiches

Grocery List
Fresh Fruit for platter
Fresh Raspberries
1 lb. Strawberries
8 oz. Cream Cheese
Strawberry Jam
Raspberry Jam
White Bread
Apple Juice
(12 oz.) cake flour
8 eggs
2 sticks unsalted butter (reduce salt by 1/4t per stick to use salted butter)
(8 oz.) sour cream


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