Crepe Luncheon

I love the smell of summer- the smell of fresh cut grass mixed with flowers and sunshine.  There's something about a mason jar full of little flowers and a plate full of fresh fruit and yogurt that makes me feel like a Hamptonite.  I say you don't need a summer house on the Beach to live it up this year.  All you really need is crepe batter and some fancy syrup, none of which is hard to make.  


If you're still having a hard time feeling the ambiance, try renting Sabrina: the Audry Hepburn version... or maybe the Harrison Ford re-make...  I'll just be watching both at my house.  The great thing about food and sunshine is that it's available right in your backyard.  You don't have to wait for that vacation coming... well, later. 


  When you're finished you'll have two syrups: Berry and Buttermilk, Crepes with a nice creamy filling, Berry Parfaits with Granola topping, and a tall frosty glass of Orange Juilius to take out to your back porch.  Bring a good book or some friends and put your feet up for one of many summer moments to come.


  Fruit Crepes Fruit Parfait Orange Julius Berry Syrup Buttermilk
choice of two fillings             
Crepe Filling 
Crepe Filling 

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